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Lead Beneficiary: Regionalna razvojna agencija Međimurje / Regional Development Agency Međimurje (REDEA)

REDEARegional Development Agency Međimurje REDEA Ltd. was founded by Međimurje County, with the aim to support the process of sustainable development in Međimurje. REDEA was established as a company in the public domain and is funded by County of Međimurje as the founder and sole owner, and is accredited as a regional coordinator for Međimurje County (according to the Regional Development Act of the Republic of Croatia). As a regional coordinator REDEA provide professional assistance to regional development of Međimurje with commitment and enthusiasm. Development is the key word for REDEA. REDEA enables strategic planning as a precondition for focused development, including: economic development, agriculture and rural development as well as human resources development. Our key activities and services are initiation and implementation of strategic projects, assistance in identification, development and implementation of projects co-financed by national and EU funds, preparation and implementation of EU projects related to our field of work, organisation and implementation of training for public and private sector and providing information about available grants and subsidies to entrepreneurs and assistance in preparation of project proposals. REDEA encourage constructive suggestions and respect different viewpoints and interests. Strong work ethic and aspiring for excellence as well as taking up challenges and using creativity in problem solving are what distinguish is.

Beneficiary (1): PORA Razvojna agencija Podravine i Prigorja za promicanje i provedbu razvojnih aktivnosti u Koprivničko-križevačkoj županiji / PORA Regional Development Agency of Koprivnica Križevci County (PORA)

PORAPORA Regional Development Agency of Podravina and Prigorje is the legal successor of the Entrepreneurship Centre of Koprivnica Križevci County. It was founded under the provisions of the Institutions Act and the Resolution of the Koprivnica Križevci County Assembly. It was registered in the Court Register of the Commercial Court of Bjelovar and it has been operating in all its legal procedures as PORA Regional Development Agency of Podravina and Prigorje for promotion and implementation of development activities in Koprivnica Križevci County since 19 January 2007. PORA Regional Development Agency of Podravina and Prigorje is the central institution in Koprivnica Križevci county responsible for strategic planning, regional and rural development; encouraging of investments and entrepreneurship; preparation and implementation of development projects and promotion of Koprivnica Križevci county. In the past eight years, PORA has implemented 32 projects in total value bigger than 8 million EUR. Also, PORA participated in preparation of 3 successfully submitted projects in total value of 5,5 million EUR in the fields of economy, entrepreneurship and water supply.

Beneficiary (2): Zala Termálvölgye Egyesület / Thermal Valley of Zala Association (LAG)

LAGZala Termálvölgye Egyesület was founded in 2008 for running local LEADER programme in the northeast part of Zala County as a Local Action Group (LAG). In the last 8 years the LAG gained considerable experience in the field of development of local products (supporting investents of local producers, workshops, marketing activities, territorial website for promotion of local products –, etc.). The LAG is focusing to Short Food Supply Chain (SFSC) methods since 2014, when it participated in a French-Hungarian international researching programme, the ECO-SYAL project. An impact of the French experiences the LAG prepared a study on SFSC focus in 2015 (study title: Development opportunities for local food system in the area of Zala Thermal Association).
The AgriShort project fits well with the development plans of the LAG, as it want to establish SFSC cooperation among local farmers in the region.

Beneficiary (3): Balatoni Integrációs Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. / Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency (LBDCA)

LBDCAThe Lake Balaton Development Coordination Agency (LBDCA) was established in January 2000 by the Lake Balaton Development Council. The Agency performs professional and operative duties promoting the development of the Lake Balaton area. LBDCA’s aim is to provide effective assistance so that Lake Balaton and its vicinity should become one of the most attractive regions in Hungary and Europe. The LBDCA works with domestic and international partner organizations to launch forward looking initiatives focused on sustainability issues.
The Agency is the executive arm of the Lake Balaton Development Council, which is a regional decision making body. The Council consists of the representatives of the central government (ministers), and the representatives of the regional decision making bodies (representatives of the county and local municipalities, micro-regions, etc). Since the Agency is 100% owned by the Council (headboard), we have a very close collaboration with local decision makers.
The Agency has power and capacity to enforce policies and development programmes. It executes the long-term area development concept of the Lake Balaton Resort Area. The LBDCA carries out tasks related to the programming processes of the region.
LBDCA works with domestic and international partner organizations to launch forward looking initiatives focused on sustainability issues. Thus, it has participated in several cooperation projects:

  • UNDP-GEF (lead partner)
  • LIFE-Environment (lead partner)
  • LIFE + (partner)
  • IEEA (partner)
  • Interreg IIIB, IVB, IVC (partner)
  • Central European Programme, South East Europe Programme (partner)
  • DBU (partner)
  • Cross-border Cooperation HuHr (lead partner)
  • Cross-border Cooperation HuAt (partner)