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Second specialized workshop"Development of Agri-food sector through SFSC's"

On December 11th 2017 PORA KKC organized specialized workshop on the topic "Development of Agri-food sector through SFSC's". This workshop was held in the framework of the implementation of the AgriShort project - „Establishing short food supply chains and competitive agricultural sector in the cross-border region through institutional cooperation” and it gathered around 30 participants, mainly representatives of institutions relevant for the agri - food sector and family farms.
In the introductory part of the workshop participants were welcomed by the deputy county prefect of Koprivnica Križevci County, Ratimir Ljubić, who expressed satisfaction with the implementation of this project and said that the project will bring many benefits for all stakeholders, while the director of PORA KKC Melita Birčić said that this workshop is one in a series of activities in this project through which a short supply chain will be established.
After that, there were held two presentations. The first presentation was held by Damir Kovačić on the topic "Branding and Certification of Agricultural Products". During the presentation he was talking about the importance of branding of agricultural products, agricultural producers as well as future short supply chains, different ways of communication with customers, the impact of the brand on the price of products and sales results and the forms of certificates with special reference to the protection of origin, protection of the geographical origin and guaranteed traditional specialty of agricultural and food products.
A second presentation on "Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing of Agricultural Products" was held by Marija Šmic, a specialist in digital communication. Through her presentation, she focused on the importance of the visual identity of the product and the manufacturer, the possibilities of improving advertising of agricultural producers through social networks, as well as the possibilities of online sales through the establishment and maintenance of the web site.

Photos taken at the second specialized workshop are available in the Gallery of the website.

Presentations presented at the second specialized workshop are available in the Downloads of the website.